ITB take pride in introducing ourselves as a composite organization, where the complete range of Tour & Travel Services are provided under one roof with totally dedicated and experienced team of highly motivated staff. The company endeavors to deliver a high quality personalized tour and travel services

MONIKA SHARMA - The MD of the company namely Indian Tour Buzz, have been helping Tourists by arranging their tour packages to different places particularly in Himachal and all over India.


Our mission is to give our clients an opportunity to share bright moments of their lives with relatives and friends by discovering world's most interesting places and enjoying exciting cultures of different continents

Our belief in quality, which reflects in every sphere of operations, comes from a mutual feeling of trust and dedication that we share with you..

To assist and guide our valuable guest in the tour – both on time and within budget.

The travel/tourism industry has a great opportunity to help the most experienced or novice travelers by delivering content that meets every phase of their vacation’s journey. So, as a company, you need to figure out what matters most to them, and when (i.e., what’s their biggest need and how can you meet it?). Identifying this early — and reevaluating it often — will help you deliver content that will move them from stress to excitement to sharing their awesome experiences.

Making the decision of where to spend a vacation isn’t always an easy one, and ITB embraces that with educational resources, discounts, travel planning assistance, and more. In short, ITB help people to make the right choice.


As The Professional Tour Organizers, the following values are at the core of everything I do:

  • Honesty and integrity – As it’s my aim to create a strong and successful working relationship with you by building trust. I’m committed to upholding the highest professional standards and I’ll communicate in an honest, open and fair manner at all times.
  • Mutual respect – I treat all clients/guests with the utmost respect – and trust that I’ll enjoy your respect in return.
  • Passion – I love what I do and am committed to providing the best services for you at all times
  • Work ethic – I pride myself in going above and beyond to create loyalty. My business is based on referrals from happy clients/guests.
  • A friendly approach – I’m down-to-earth and approachable. I have a no-BS attitude and prefer to deal with those who think the same way. I work from home, and don’t pretend to have a fancy corporate office, which keeps my overheads (and yours) low.
  • Excellence – I take pride in my work and I’m dedicated to delivering excellence in my services. I ensure you receive only the best quality outcomes – delivered on time and on budget.